Prayer rug

individual – personalized

The perfect gift

A personalized prayer rug with a name is not only a perfect gift for us adult Muslims, for home or on the go, but also especially for the little ones among us. A nice motivation to motivate our next generation for prayer and above all to get them used to it.

“Hurry to prayer, hurry to success.”


This is what makes our prayer rugs

In recent years, a large number of prayer rugs have been made: some with slightly thicker fabric to protect the knees from pain, and others made of thinner fabric so that it can be easily taken on the go. We have optimalized the personal aspect of the prayer rug by personally embroidering it with a name and/or symbol. We only use monochrome, high-quality prayer rugs and strictly adhere to the rule of embroidering only in the lower part of the prayer rug to prevent possible distractions during prayer. Nor do we embroider names that contain ‘Allah’ and no verses from the Holy Quran.